About Us

Real Time Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an organization that is dedicated to embedded system designs and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. We are an ensemble of engineers, technicians, marketing professionals and management leaders who work on the hour for any technological solutions that you require.

Since our establishment in 2003,  we have become one of the best choices for our customers with our proprietary and innovative concepts and prompt after sales support.


Mission, Vision and Values

RTS is a service based organization. We value our customer's needs and their purpose. We strive with the determination to provide a complete solution whether it be hardware or software. From web/application development to designing and deploying new products RTS aims to cater any technological solution that you require.

Our values are to design such system that can be used by organization from different stature. Our design architecture are so built that the organizations can take advantage of the same solutions in varying budget.

Helping organization reach their goals by exploiting technology.




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