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Government sectors cover all aspects from monitoring, controlling, analyzing, dictating and defining rules. It is important that all government affairs are transparent and the services be readily available to the people. RTS offers solutions for:


Traffic Management System: These are intelligent system used for monitoring and controlling street traffic and traffic lights. These systems can automatically detect vehicles that are off track and detect license plates for further investigation.

Fleet Management: This includes monitoring of government cars and vehicles. It uses GPS system to track vehicles and report on where the vehicle has been used and also report on fuel consumption.

Human Resource Management System: The HRMS solution provides a centralized monitoring for all employees under the government body.

License/Citizenship and Passport: RTS provides software solutions for managing these elements. We provide proper database architecture which reduces a lot of paper work and provides people with faster service.

Revenue collection: RTS provides tools for managing the collection of revenues in a systematic and fair method.

E-Procurement for all government transaction: Many countries are moving to e-procurement as it provides a transparent environment for businesses to work in. All government transactions and information are available on the internet which enhance on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery of public sector.



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