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Real time solutions pvt ltd is an organization dedicated to providing turnkey solutions to solve real life problems. We are an ensemble of engineers from various backgrounds, technicians, marketing professionals and management. Our competitive advantage lies on diverse knowledge under the same roof and our capability in understanding business requirements for organizations in developing countries and providing customized solutions to solve their problems.

Since 2003, RTS has been providing services to key players in the Financial, Government, Non- Government, Energy, Healthcare and Manufacturing sectors nationally and internationally. RTS covers every stage of project development, from strategic planning, research and development through to manufacturing.

RTS has been designing, manufacturing and marketing embedded system and software solutions that automates, secure and standardizes homes and offices. With our proprietary and innovative concepts and prompts after sales and support, we have become one of the best choices for our clients. RTS services help organization leverage cutting-edge technology for overall business improvement. It addresses both needs of technological and business requirement so that the organization has the full benefits of the available resources. Hence as a team, we offer customer-oriented services and deliver creative and effective results.

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A With a team of engineers, technicians, marketing professionals and management leaders, RTS specializes on embedded system designs, ICT solutions, and executing turnkey projects. With the advance technology development in embedded system and telemetry system, RTS is not only serving its clients nationally but internationally as well. We have also been providing our services to Governmental and non-governmental sectors, health sectors, Hydropower, banking and financial sectors, educational sectors, hydrological and meteorological sectors, etc. 

RTS has successfully deployed 100+ hi-tech projects in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh that involves real time data acquisition and monitoring. RTS is well equipped with right tools and processes to deliver high class support to its clients around the clock through its in-house Service Desk.