Help Contact Tracing and Get Early Warning Alerts!

An app to help fight Corona Virus by contact tracing. Additionally get alerts for early warnings.

Fight Corona Virus

Contact Tracing

Nepal Still has only a few infections till now. The best way to fight Corona Virus in the present scenario is Contact Tracing. 

The mobile app keeps track of your location and uses Bluetooth to identify whom you have come in close contact with. These information is transmitted to a central server. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will this work?

Yes assuming the following: 

  • Many many people will use this app.

  • When someone is infected, he/she will inform us, we will get help from health officials. We do not broadcast who is infected, we use a special code. 

  • Test, test test, will be carried out. 

How much data is used? What will it cost me?

The data usage is very low, however the data can be temporarily stored in the mobile phone and data posted when you are connected to wifi. 

Google and Apple is collaborating to build a similar system?

Google and apple are coming up with a platform. We can use their platform when their platform is ready. 

What about privacy?

Your data will be kept secure and will not be sold to anyone.

Why is this app not in Google Play?

We made this app rapidly, google takes at least a week to have the app verified. It will be there eventually. 

My mobile isn't android based

Sorry, more than 90% of mobile phones in Nepal are android based. We will work on an ios version after our Android version is complete. 

The government should be doing this

Yes it should be the government, but it takes time for the government to do anything due to rules and regulations. We are happy to handover this to the government pro bono, when it's mature enough. And more people will be willing to install this app when its backed up by the government. 

 What else can this app do?

We are implementing common alerting protocol in this app. So if some government body wants to send alerts to its people they can do it instantly. For e.g. the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology can send flood early warning alerts to people in a certain region. 

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