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Early Warning System

Early Warning System is the provision of timely and effective information, which allows individuals exposed to hazard to take action, avoid or reduce risk to life and property and prepare for effective response. The basic idea behind Early Warning System is that, the earlier and more accurately we are able to predict potential risks associated with natural hazards esp. flood, the more likely we will be able to manage and mitigate the disasters’ impact on society, economies and environment. Early Warning Systems help to reduce economic losses and mitigate the number of injuries or deaths from a disaster, by providing information that allows individuals and communities to protect their lives and properties.

The rapid growth of communication networks has made it possible for this process of data collection and analysis instant by making data available online and at real time. Real time data collection and delivery is highly valuable in providing timely data needed to understand hydrological processes and most importantly during emergency situations where it can safeguard life and property. 

How does it work?

To issue flood warnings, the water level is constantly monitored through the web based interface and whenever the crucial thresholds of the water level are exceeded persistently, an alert is sent to the system through the web and as a response to it, the system generates alarm automatically. Thus everyone in the vulnerable areas is made aware of the danger of the upcoming flood. The system generates an alarm automatically as soon as it receives an alert either through web, SMS or other device such as internet based siren systems for any alarming condition.  

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